European Wines

The Wine Regions of Italy

On a recent tour of Italy, my husband and I encountered some of the great old wines of Italy and I just had to share. Enjoy! Italy is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world. Demand for wine within Italy and internationally has gone up so far and therefore it is no astonishing that there are so many unique Italian wines. A very large portion of the Italian countryside is set aside for production of Italian wines. Following are the top and famous wine production regions in Italy.


Veneto wine region is located in Northeastern Italy. It is one of the most crucial regions of wine production. This region is popular for producing more wine than the rest of the region. This wine region produces many brands of wines from many different varieties of grapes. The best known are Prosecco, wine made from the Glera grape, white wine made from Garganega grape, red wines made from a blend based on Corvina grapes.


Tuscany wine region has a romantic landscape of rolling hills, country roads and wonderful villages. This wine region is one of the most fecund in all of Europe and it is internationally-recognized because of its wines of all styles. Wines here range from dry whites to full-bodied reds to sweet wines. The top levels of Italian wines here are recognized as DOC and DOCG. Sangiovese grapes flourish in Tuscany and it goes under a number of names hence used in the production of a wide range of Italian wines.


The Piedmont wine region is located at the foot of the Alps hence making it the leading grape growing country. It is the competing wine region for Tuscany. It produces more DOCG wines than any other wine producing region. It is the base to some of Italy’s most well known wines and wineries that range from long-lived Barolo to the pleasant and light sparkling Moscato d’Asti. Due to its diversity of small vineyards, the region has been named Italy’s Burgundy.


Lombardy is located in Northern Italy. It is one of the largest of the Italian wine regions because of its highest population. It only produces two sparkling famous wines; Franciacorta and Lambrusco. Because of its location it gets most of its water from four massive lakes. The Lugana region in Lombardy straddles the line between Lombardy and Veneto. The Lugana wines are of good quality due to the fact that the vineyards surround the Lake Garda, which moderates the temperature.


Sicily wine region is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and this makes it the southernmost Italian wine region. Due to its constant sunshine and reliable rainfall, wine production in Sicily is continually flourishing. The red wines from Sicily are dark, rich and fruit forward because of the warm climate.

Other wine production regions in Italy include;

  • Abruzzo
  • Umbria
  • Marche
  • Puglia
  • Calabria